Bookkeeping & Management Accounts [top]


Keeping your books and paperwork up to date means you will not only be prepared when dealing with HM Revenue and Customs but will be able to maintain control over the finances of your business, ensuring it is trading profitably.

There is much more to bookkeeping than mere record keeping and we can relieve this significant burden, as our team can work from your premises or here at our offices.

Support from us will free up your time and resources, which makes excellent business sense.

Our complete book keeping service includes:

Sales invoice records
Supplier invoice records
Bank reconciliations
Cash book records
Petty cash records
Debtor and creditors lists
Complete nominal ledgers
Trial balance
Management accounts

Besides our core book keeping service, we can also:

Maintain your VAT records and prepare VAT returns

Should you wish to maintain your own records we can:

Help and advise on the most appropriate records to be maintained, both manual or computer based
Advise on the implementation of the systems selected
Assist with the learning process by showing how to operate the systems
Carry out reviews to ensure that the systems are subsequently operating satisfactorily


Management accounts

The purpose of our management accounts team is to first ensure your book keeping is accurate and trustworthy and second to use that information to help drive the business forward.

TCB can provide constructive advice on a regular basis helping you control the financial performance of your business. We can either carry out this function for you fully, or help you set up internal systems to generate information.

For further information contact your TCB office or complete an enquiry form.

Accounts preparation [top]

Preparation of accounts is at the core of services that we provide. Your responsibilities as a director or as a business owner to prepare and submit accounts to Companies House, H M Revenue & Customs and other regulatory bodies are onerous. In addition creditors, banks and other financial institutions may all require sight if your accounts in support of credit facilities.

Our aim is to not only help you to meet your statutory requirements but also to ensure that your accounts and annual report presents a positive image of your business.

The format of accounts and the interpretation of financial reporting standards are complex. Our trained partners and staff will ensure that your accounts comply with current requirements. Up-to-date software is used to ensure that the process is as efficient as it can be so that more time can be spent interpreting the results with you than in processing the numbers.

This enables us to identify potential problem areas and to make recommendations that may result in opportunities to improve your business performance. For further information contact your TCB office or complete an enquiry form.

For further information contact your TCB office or complete an enquiry form.

Payroll Services [top]

The benefits of using a payroll bureau are far reaching. Operated in a seamless way, businesses need never worry that the service is not on-site. A speedy service provides peace of mind and ensures that the Revenue always has the information it needs and that employees are paid correctly and on-time.

How we achieve success for our clients

We have been providing a complete computerised payroll bureau for over 9 years. In that time we have developed the expertise and the strategies to operate our comprehensive and prompt service. Because we employ dedicated personnel, we are able to meet all our client needs and establish close relationships which are retained for many years.

Broad service

We provide a flexible and wide ranging service which clients can tailor to suit their individual business needs. These services include:

Calculation and amendments
The calculation of statutory payments for sickness, paternity and maternity leave
The processing of overtime, commissions and other payments
The administration of student loans, pension contributions and all attachment orders
Stationery and forms
security payslips and analysis by office, department or cost split centre reporting
completed End of Year Return forms P60, starter forms P46 and leaver forms P45
Construction Industry Scheme - Verification & monthly Online Returns
E-filing and banking w
ages and salaries paid to employees bank accounts
E-filing of the End of Year Return forms P35 and P14 E-filing may entitle your company to a tax free payment

BACS Approved Bureau

We are a BACS Approved Commercial Bureau. This allows us to make salary payments direct to your staff as part of the payroll process.

Why have the stress and worry of paying employees on time when we can look after this headache for you?

Construction Industry Scheme (New CIS)

From 6 April 2007 HM Revenue & Customs changed the way in which contractors had to deal with subcontractors.

Rather than issuing vouchers and making annual returns, contractors are now required to verify a subcontractor’s registration and appropriate tax deduction with HMRC before making deductions.

Furthermore, statements are issued to the subcontractor in place of vouchers and HMRC expect a contractor’s return to be submitted monthly. Penalties for late returns start at £100 per month.

TCB can remove the CIS problem from your business with our dedicated software.

We can verify a subcontractor’s tax status, issue statements and make monthly returns over the internet.

Benefits of our service

The most positive outcome of employing a payroll bureau is that clients enjoy peace of mind.
Other benefits include:

No payroll security problems
No need to keep up to date with new legislation
Releases top management time
Provides staff with a fast efficient service
No need to deal with staff, Inland Revenue, Benefits Agency and mortgage applications

Payroll pressures

Proprietors and managers have many varied roles. So whilst all employees rightly demand punctual payment, it can consume valuable management time to complete payroll tasks. Small businesses in particular find the compliance and operation of a payroll particularly onerous. Larger businesses find that too much managerial time is spent operating and administering it. Our service releases them from the burden, to focus on their core business roles. This avoids the storage of confidential staff payroll records and releases valuable time previously tied up on payroll matters.

Will you be claiming your tax free payments? Small employers can benefit by up to £825 if the End of Year Return forms P35 and P14 are submitted online. New employers are entitled to the same Tax Free Payment as a Small employer. The tax free payment is paid over 5 years. All employers will have to file online by 2009/10.

Our comprehensive service For further information please contact:
Amina on T: 0121 4465757 or E:

Personal Tax [top]

TCB Chartered Certified Accountants & Business Advisors currently advise a wide range of clients on personal taxation issues, and the department responsible has had many years of experience dealing with personal taxation and would be delighted to be of assistance to you.

Who can benefit?

With the current tax structure and in particular self assessment and the potential for tax repayments, it is possible for even the most simple of cases to benefit from positive tax advice. This could apply to employees, company directors, self-employed individuals and partners, non-residents with funds in the UK and private individuals with inherited income. This could apply equally to the particular individual and their spouse.

How can we help?

The following are some of the areas of taxation advice which we are able to assist with :
Income Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax & Wills
Partnership Taxation
Benefits in Kind
Property Income & Dealing
Personal Tax Returns
Expense Claims

Independent Taxation Advice

Individual Taxation Advice Any individual whether employed or self-employed can benefit from personal taxation advice. In addition to the more general advice provided as part of the annual submission of individual's income tax returns we can advise on :

Self Assessment
Current Year Basis of Assessment
Capital Gains Tax

Income Tax Returns

A partner in the firm is directly responsible for every client, ensuring that all aspects of their financial and taxation affairs are dealt with in a confidential and efficient manner. The practice employs specialist staff to deal with individuals personal tax including the preparation and submission of their annual income tax return. They also deal with all correspondence from the Inland Revenue providing the client with peace of mind. The annual service provided by our staff includes :

Checking all income sources and gains are correctly returned
Preparing supplementary schedules and computations
Ensuring all allowances have been obtained Dealing with any income tax repayments
Dealing with all correspondence from the Inland Revenue
Checking and advising on the tax payable
Advising generally on the benefits of independent taxation
Keeping the client informed in relation to their affairs

Corporate Tax [top]

We provide a comprehensive corporation tax service which, for most clients, dovetails with the provision of accountancy and audit services.

Our service encompasses all aspects of corporation tax compliance including:

Preparation of corporate tax computations.
Advising on the tax and deferred tax provisions required in the financial statements.
Completion and submission of corporation tax returns.
Assistance with HM Revenue & Customs enquiries.
Advising on quarterly payments.

A comprehensive planning service to optimise your tax position:

Assisting with forecasting future tax liabilities for management information.
Detailed capital allowance advice, essential in the changing legislative environment.
Advice on the optimum treatment of expenditure as capital or revenue.
Tax due diligence reports.
Taxation advice for the ‘not for profit’ sector, including charities and RSL’s.
Assistance with claiming Research & Development Allowances.
Advice on optimum profit extractions both short and long term, including dividend policy.
Advice on the tax effect of planned capital acquisitions and disposals within the company, including the capital gains tax, availability of roll over relief and the impact of the intangible regime.
Advice on the tax effect of the disposal of the company.
Advice on the Stamp Duty Land Tax arising on transactions.

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